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Kate Bosworth and Godfrey Gao Are Lending Their Star Power To Audi Fashion Festival 2014


photo: SK-II

Have you heard? This year’s Audi Fashion Festival which will take place from 14-18 May in Singapore, will see SK-II ambassadors Kate Bosworth and Godfrey Gao make special appearances. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to score a ticket to the shows in the AFF Tent, you will get a chance to see them up close at select SK-II counters where they will make special appearances.

I personally grew up watching movies that Kate Bosworth starred in, and Blue Crush was my favourite because admiring her muscles and surfing skills was so motivating – I remember going for a workout immediately after watching the VCD (yes, VCD!).

With the tagline “Live Your Life, Not Your Age”, SK-II wants to empower women to look beyond their age and pursue their lives to the fullest. I don’t think Bosworth, 32, and Gao,29, are anywhere near worried about age yet.

I think fellow SK-II ambassador Cate Blanchett, 44, is the perfect epitome of the tagline, but I don’t think booking a two-time Academy Award winner is gonna be easy.

Fashionistas who want a slice of fashion-meets-beauty should look out for an exclusive SK-II x Ong Shanmugam cosmetic pouch, available as a gift with purchase of S$290 SK-II products in May and June. Ong Shanmugam is the womenswear label of talented Singaporean designer Priscilla Shanmugam.

You can find out more about Audi Fashion Festival 2014 from which doesn’t seem to be updated yet, but should soon have show schedules and more.

For now, I’ll leave you with a photograph of the dashing Godfrey Gao 😉

photo: SK-II

photo: SK-II

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