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Arty Blossom – First Look At The New Make Up For Ever Spring 2014 Eyeshadow Palette

For spring, Make Up For Ever has created a palette inspired by watercolours and nature. The “Arty Blossom” look that MUFE Artistic Director and Creator Dany Sanz has masterfully put together with the palette’s colours is vibrant, artistic, and painterly.

arty blossom look

The formula of the eyeshadows in this palette are more translucent and less pigmented than the previous palettes, enabling them to be easily blended. They are also all finely pearlized, which appear satiny and lightly shimmery, with no matte colours.
I love that the many of the colours have a warm base to them, from the gold shimmers. Warm pearlized colours are easier to wear than cool shades and won’t appear “frosty” on the skin.

Two synthetic fibre brushes are included in the palette – an eyeshadow brush and a precision eyeshadow/liner brush. 

The fresh pink glossy domed case is strikingly different from the previous seasons eyeshadow palettes. IMG_2558


With the exception of #122 Metallic Copper and #150 Turquoise Blue, all the other colours are limited edition.

Swatches of the colours:

MUFE Arty Blossom Swatches

Tips on using the colours

#1 For colour vibrance: Use Pearly White as a base or use an eyeshadow base so that the colours will “pop”.

#2 How to wear the bolder colours (Fresh Pink, Turquoise Blue and Gold Green): I suggest you pair a bright colour with a softer colour to balance out the look. For example, Fresh Pink + Gold Beige for a natural daytime look, or Turquoise Blue + Metallic Copper/ Fresh Peach as complimenting colours.

#3 Your eyeshadow doesn’t have to match your clothes colours. When I check out the makeup worn by enthusiastic guests at formal functions, I get bored when I see another purple eyeshadow + purple dress / blue eyeshadow + blue dress combi. With the colours in the palette, always think of contrasting or complimentary colours instead of completely matching.

#4 Unless you’re a professional or have been practicing alot, I don’t suggest you step out of the house with ALL eight colours on your eyelids. Wait, even professionals don’t do that. So please don’t. For beginners, I’ll suggest starting with one sheer colour, and then experimenting with two. When you’ve gotten a hang of that, use three colours- I like to mix one bold shade (close to the lash line) + one neutral/brown/gold shade (socket or lid) + one highlight shade (on brow bone or inner corners of eyes).

The Arty Blossom Palette will be available at all Make Up For Ever counters (at Sephora & MUFE Pro Loft) from 9 January 2014 and is priced at S$75

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