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L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gelmatic Pen Colours



There’s no denying that gel eyeliners can give you intense all-day colour. However, many ladies do find that applying traditional gel eyeliner that comes in a pot, with a brush, is a little advanced for them. This is what I gather from talking to my many clients and teaching makeup.

Thankfully nowadays we have gel-type eyeliner pencils, which give you a similar effect of a gel eyeliner, but comes in twist-up type pencil which requires no sharpening.

I tried out L’Oreal Paris’ Super Liner Gelmatic colours which were launched in December 2013 and come in six different shades. Brown, Gold, Silver, Blue, Turquoise and Black. Here are some swatches:


swatches of the Loreal Paris Super Liner Gelmatic Colours. From left to right: Brown, Gold, Silver, Blue, Turquoise, Black


Here’s my personal take on the colours.

The essential/ neutral colours: Black, Brown and Blue. These are good for a daily basis. Being in a pencil form, you can apply them quickly and mess-free. Black is intense, while brown is slightly metallic. I also include the navy blue under essential/neutral because it is “serious” enough for work. The navy is good for something a little less boring but still intense and dark.

The glamourous colours: Gold, Silver and Turquoise. Out of these three, the turquoise is my favourite. It’s outstanding on all skin tones, and if you have hazel or blue eyes, turquoise can help to bring out your eye colour. Just look at Barbara Palvin’s eyes in the ad! Gold and silver are great for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. I would suggest gold if you have a tanned to dark skin tone, and silver if you are fair.

barbara palvin


If you are trying to get the sharp tip like a liquid eyeliner, using a pencil eyeliner isn’t the easier to get there, but it can be done. You need to warm up the pencil by running it over the back of your hand, with a tilt to the tip so that it gets warmed up and shaped.

Here’s my take for real life wear – I’ve used turquoise to create a slight cat eye. It was for day time so I made it wearable and subtle. (also because my eyelids are hooded and most of my eyeliner is hidden except for the ends!)

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 5.44.01 PM


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