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Revisiting Cloud Nine “The O” Heated Velcro Rollers. Photo Demo, before and after

This is my second post about Cloud Nine The O Ultimate Set. You can find my first post here.

Besides throwing away the broken tan coloured carrying case my set came in, thankfully nothing else has gone wrong after more than half a year of usage. I still bring my set to jobs, they all fit into my Japonesque Pro Set Bag.



Above: The set fits perfectly, and I keep the rollers wrapped up in a cloth bag within the set bag. Much easier to tote around with  shoulder straps too. And once I set up everything at the shoot, I proceed to use my set bag as..a set bag.

Here is what’s possible to be created with a set of the Cloud Nine O Rollers. A quick before – and – after shot.

before and after


I know many of my readers want to find out exactly what effect the different sized rollers have on hair, so here are some photos where I worked on this model’s hair. Her blonde hair is coloured (she’s a natural brunette), but her hair is still relatively healthy – a little dry but no visible split ends. Here you go:

natural hair 1

hair set

IMG_2070 IMG_2072
Side view of the curlers. You can see clearly here that the largest curlers are always used closest to the crown. I always do this because I want to achieve volume at the crown area, while achieving more defined curls (from the smaller rollers) towards the bottom.


curl effect 50mm


After all the rollers have been removed:

IMG_2078 IMG_2077


Hope this helps you see what are the real results of The O Rollers. The curls themselves need a little bit more finishing, so it’s better if you use a touch of wax or hairspray after to help them keep their shape.

Thanks to model Calista C! Here’s an image shot of her right after, I used the texture and volume that the rollers gave to create a rough, tousled low ponytail.

Photography: Jeff Chen
Makeup & Hair: Joanna Koh
Model: Calista C/ Upfront

testshot_dec0070 copy


For more info on the Cloud Nine product, price and all, please read my first post about it here.

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