Christmas Countdown Gift Idea #1: The Sweetest, Closest Greeting You Can Give

Yay! We’re on the brink of Christmas day!

Okay, well, this isn’t a physical gift but it is possibly one of the best ways to share your love and joy with someone close to your heart, but not physically close by in terms of location.

Pick up the phone and call them.

Yup, when was the last time you heard their voice or had a conversation? Nowadays we all seem to be caught up with emailling, whatsapp and texting that we never have a voice conversation, let alone a face to face conversation.

If you’re far away from them and you’re afraid that phone bills are gunna be sky high, you can always call them using Skype Credit. I use the Skype app on my mobile, so it’s like I can dial from my phone instead of planting myself infront of the computer with headphones and all. If you’re both using iphones, there’s always Facetime which is even better for a virtual face to face convo!

And with that, I conclude my Christmas Countdown! Merry Christmas everyone!!! Now excuse me while I go make some calls and stuff my face 😀

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