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Christmas Countdown last minute gift idea #5: An ID bracelet that could save your life

When i started cycling on the road, I always wondered what would happen if an accident happened to me while I was alone or with strangers. How would the hospital reach my next-of-kin(s) if I didn’t bring my identity card out or if my mobile phone was passcode locked.

I chanced across a company which was making identity bracelets. Their main clients were people doing sports like triathlons, running or cycling. Accidents or emergencies can happen at anytime and for emergency response professionals to know vital information about you can save valuable minutes.

I ordered a customised bracelet (Wrist ID slim version, starts from US$17.99) which wrote my name, year of birth, blood type and a few emergency contact numbers of family members. You can choose what you would like engraved, like any allergies to medication or pre-existing medical conditions. It’s laser engraved and they have a lifetime guarantee for the metal plate against scratches.


I also made one for my mum- for some peace of mind that if anything happened to her (choy!), I’ll be the first to know.

If you’ll like to get one for a loved one, ROAD ID is offering Christmas gift cards with preloaded credit which you can send via email as gifts. They ship worldwide and have a whole range of strap designs and colours for you to choose from.


Interested? Check it out here:

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