Christmas Countdown Last Minute Gift Idea #3: A memory jar for 2014

I first read about this last year when it was trending the web, and share it on facebook. What a great idea, I said, but I didn’t follow through with it for myself. For this Christmas, my lovely friend Pam decorated jars for us!


The happy jar, or memory jar, is an empty jar that you start the year with. Throughout the months, whenever you have experienced something happy, memorable, achieved something or are just feeling grateful, you write those thoughts down on little notes and put them in the jar. At the end of the year, you open the jar and read back on the wonderful things which had happened!

What a fantastic idea right? It’s not too late to go get a few for your friends! All you need is a jar- if you still have some time to customise it, that’ll be good, but if not, some pretty ribbon or labels would work. Here are some more ideas for the memory jar from tumblr




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