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Christmas Countdown Gift Idea #7: Hair Brushes For All Hair Types

The one under-hyped beauty tool out there must be the humble hairbrush. Usually left forgotten on the dresser, we usually fail to realise what difference it can make to our hairstyle. Realise how a hairstylist almost always uses a hairbrush for a silky blowout? And how many different brushes they choose from?

Here are some industry tested – and loved- hair brushes.

To ease out knots and tangles:
The Tangle Teaser

If you haven’t yet heard, this popular hairbrush is gaining a foothold in many salons and homes! It detangles both damp and dry hair, eases out all knots, and is tiny enough to carry around. Consider this if you have your hair heavily styled or have issues with knots. They have kids versions too which make perfect gifts.

For a delicate combing of wet hair:
Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Geisha Comb


I hope you know that you should never brush your wet hair. Wet hair is weak and is far more susceptible to breakage than dry hair is. (My mother made me do it as a child, I wonder how much hair I had irreplaceably lost). If you have to comb tangles out of your long, damp hair, use a wide tooth brush to gently ease hair into place.

The do-it-all brush for limp hair
Vogetti Wonder Brush

Before I bought this brush, I had been using traditional type tail combs to backcomb hair for updos. This brush changed my hairstyling techniques I use for my clients. The mix of different nylon bristle lengths help it to give a soft, yet sturdy pouf to any updo or limp hair. Then I run it over the updo to get a smooth finish. Ultra light and easy to use.

For a sleek, shiny fringe:
Sleep In Rollers Fringe Brush

You know that awkward moment when you look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning, and your Karlie-Kloss-fringe has turned into a frizzy mess? When I kept a fringe, I loved it when hairstylists gave it a blast with the hairdryer and a big barrel brush and turned it into a sexy eye-grazing curtain.

For a quick and smooth blowdry:
Kent Salon The Curved Vent Brush

Vent brushes allow maximum airflow for quicker drying time while lifting at the roots. This one uses flexible pins and boar bristles for a super smooth finish.

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