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Christmas Countdown Gift Idea #10: Bioderma Sensibio – A Skincare Range For Sensitive Skins & An Awesome Makeup Remover

While attending Rae Morris’ workshop in Australia, she kept recommending Crealine makeup remover. I was so boggled by that word till I saw her bottle of Bioderma makeup remover.
For those who haven’t yet heard of or seen Bioderma, here it is!


100ml and 500ml Sensibio H2O

When I got back to Singapore, I immediately went to Guardian and bought myself some Sensibio H2O makeup remover- a small 100ml bottle handy enough to carry to shoots, and a 500ml bottle to keep at home. I liked it so much I even did an instavid of what it does.

bioderma vid

On my shoots and jobs I use it for all models and clients- it doesn’t matter if they have sensitive skin or thick makeup on, this does the trick with no mess and no rinsing required.

I was stoked to be invited to Bioderma’s Christmas Luncheon for makeup artists!

photo 1 (1)

The folks from Bioderma shared with us how Micelles technology works to remove makeup and dirt from skin, while hydrating and restoring the skin barrier. The Sensibio range helps sensitive skin increase it’s tolerance as well.

So not only do they have the much raved about Sensibio H2O makeup remover, but there’s also an entire selection of skincare products for sensitive skin, oily skin, and dehydrated and dry skin. (There are so many more ranges which they have but I think not everything is available in Singapore)

The products are available here at dermatologists clinics and also at Guardian pharmacy. If you want to put a gift pack together for a loved one who has sensitive skin, you can create a starter kit with four to five products from the Sensibio range.

sensibio range

Products and prices from left to right:
Sensibio H2O – a non-rinse cleanser that’s gentle yet effective – 500ml $39.90
(you can also get 250ml @ $29.90 or 100ml @ $15.90)
Sensibio Tonique – a toner to soothe, calm and moisturise- 250ml $37.30
Sensibio Light – a moisturiser to strengthen skin tolerance – 40ml $36.70
Sensibio Eye – an eyecream which reduces puffiness – 15ml $30.50
Sensibio Mask -an intensive hydrating treat to comfort skin and strengthen skin tolerance- 100ml $40.70


You could take some inspiration from how the Bioderma folks gifted their products to us by arranging them in a little basket with some french treats (champagne and macarons) !

photo 2 (1)


Now, doesn’t this call for a celebration? Time to pop the champagne and celebrate good skin! 😀


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