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Christmas Countdown Gift Idea #12: Gadgets For Fitness Buffs

The last couple of days we’ve been talking about makeup, but I haven’t forgotten the sporty side of things! Here’s some ideas of what you can get for your outdoorsy friends!
I’m taking a pick of the coolest gadgets off (no I’m not an affiliate, although I spend lots of money there!) where they offer free shipping to Singapore with a minimum of £150 spend. Just a reminder, any parcel above S$400 value will be taxed for GST upon collection.


For the serious cyclist who wants everything in a cycling computer:

Garmin Edge 810 GPS Performance Navigation Bundle

garmin edge810

It doesn’t matter if they train in the rain or dark, 17 hours of battery keeps this waterproof cycle computer is going and compatible with android or apple devices for live tracking (hey, fancy keeping tabs on your boyfriend’s ride?). Everything you would want to track is in there – speed, incline, distance, cadence, heart rate. You can get your power tracked with a third party ANT+ powder meter paired with it. Weather forecasts and maps load directly here so you can keep your mobile phone tucked away in a dry bag.
The only thing is probably lacks? Keeping track of the calories that burger you ate after your ride.

Price: £427.99 on with free shipping to Singapore
If you want to get one in Singapore, check out their Singapore FB page



For non-stop sports video action anywhere:
GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Bundle , £352.18


Attach this to your helmet or handlebar and record your epic ride. We’ll let the videos do the talking

If riding the waves rocks your boat, then the GoPro HD Surf Hero ( £254.12) with a surfboard mount would be your choice.



For the race enthusiast who’s getting serious:
Timex Ironman Easy Trainer GPS £89.16

ironman timex easy trainer


All you probably need on a run: speed, distance, time, pace, calories burnt. With built in GPS, you’ll get a detailed, accurate recording of your training session.


The splurge for the complete indoor cycling experience:
Elite RealPower CT RITMO Wireless ElastoGel Trainer, £1,337.49


Train like you’re riding any road in the world with the trainer stimulating any route in the world downloadable by GPS. A wireless connection to your PC with Conconi Test software gives you full performance analysis, and internet racing for you to pit your legs against other riders. With RITMO feet, the trainer gives you a “real road” feel.
Watch it in action here (this video features one which isn’t wireless)

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