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Christmas Countdown! Idea #23: Cute Ciate Polish Baubles for your tree and everyone!

When I hosted Christmas parties in the past, I would always be looking out for cute little gifts that everyone could share (including the gatecrashers!).

This Christmas, Ciate has come up with a set of 6 christmas baubles, each holding a glittery special edition nail polish!

ciate trinkets

We’ve come up with an idea of how you can give them away at your own Christmas party! Each pack of six also includes individual gift tags. While dressing your Christmas tree, write little notes for your friends and tag them to the baubles while you hang them up. During your party, your friends comb the tree to find their very own gift!

For the unexpected guests, just make sure you have a few more stashed away that you can quickly hang up when they get there! Your tree’s gonna look so festive!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 5.53.55 PM

Ciate Tree Trinkets (Group)

Ciate Tree Trinkets are available at Sephora, S$39 for a box of 6.

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