Hello… Gold Coast!!


Hi hi everyone!!!
I’m in the Gold Coast for a few days.. For a few reasons..
One, I’m attending a makeup seminar by one of my favourite makeup artists of all time, Rae Morris!

Two, why not take a break right?
And of course, it gives me good reason to hit Target!!


I’ve been here only 12 hours so far but already I’ve got quite a haul from Target!
There are the clip-in faux fringe and braided headbands from Leo Bancroft – I must say I’m so jealous of people living in the US and Australia, you can get anything from these huge departmental stores! For a good price too! These were only AUD10 each!
Then there are the super cute and colourful Scünci hair ties, 60 pieces for AUD12. I’m thinking I could probably go to a small hair accessories store in SG and get these colours, but these ones are snag-free! No metal bits in them at all, and so soft.

Then I hit a bargain chemist and picked up Invisible Zinc, I’ve been wanting to try this sunscreen out for a long time. It’s a physical (mineral) sunscreen with the only active ingredient being Zinc Oxide. I don’t quite know how different it is, but I suppose, for those with a Titanium Dioxide sensitivity, this is one of the few physical sunscreens that do not contain TiO2.

I also got a box of L’Oreal Wild Ombrés hair colour. I haven’t coloured my hair from a DIY box colour in maybe.. 8 years! I think many other pros in this business may be shaking their heads at me.. But hey! I should have fun sometimes too! And besides, if I mess up my hair, I’ll just cut it off 🙂

Can’t wait to keep exploring over the weekend! Although it’s my third (or fourth?) time to GC, I’m always up for discovering something new. Here are a few more shots from today!

A junior bike track for skills training?! Awesome!! I need that for myself!!

Big open spaces!!! And what wonderful weather! 20131011-233350.jpg

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