Makeup & Hairstyling for the brand new online store, Whole9Yards

Just a few weeks ago I did the makeup and hairstyling for the new online retail store, Whole9Yards. They’ll open a physical store next year in Orchard, but for now, the shopping’s online with free worldwide shipping *yay*

Here’s some pics we shot that they used for the Whole9Yards blog

The look here is fresh, soft yet simple, and here’s the secret to getting this look: Don’t use any brushes. At all.


I applied and blended in foundation with my fingers and a sponge. I rarely use sponges because they absorb all my liquid foundation, but here it helped to keep the application extremely natural.

For eyes, I applied eyeshadow with my fingers and then a pencil eyeliner. The key to doing this is that everything will look slightly smudged, and that’s what keeps the look soft.

Cheeks had cream blusher rubbed in, and then for the lips were blotted with lip sticks – again with fingers.


They ain’t paying me to blog about them (I’m not even a fashion blogger), but coming up close to the clothes, I really loved the workmanship and fabrics. A skirt I was eyeing cost S$225. Would I buy it? Maybe.. if they gave me a discount πŸ™‚
If you’re looking for unique, quality pieces, then you’ll have to check them out!

Congrats to the Whole9Yards team and looking forward to more collections!

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