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Averine Launches A Freshly Made Over Makeup Range – Introductions & Reviews

Averine has launched a new age-defy range of makeup which cares for the skin while giving you beautiful colour. The packaging is made over with sleek black, giving it a cool, professional look.

Here are some of my thoughts on the makeup products which I had the opportunity to try out for both for photoshoots and also on my skin.

Satin Smooth Foundation (S$68)

The name got me interested. Who doesn’t love satin smooth skin? I tried this foundation on mature skin – on Amy Cheng’s mama for this Mother & Baby  Magazine Mother’s Day.

Mother and Baby Amy Cheng - May 2013 makeup by Joanna Koh 

The texture is more of a cream rather than liquid, which is great for dry or sensitive or thinner skin. The shade I used was “natural”, which is good for medium skin tones. Averine is currently offering shades of light to medium skin tones for their foundation, and may be bringing in a wider range of shades depending on the demand for them. The pump top first felt a little hard to use to get the product dispensed, but once I squeezed the tube while pumping it, it worked.

satin smooth foundation

Cover Spot (S$33)

I first mentioned this product here in my quest to find pimple treatment products. I have to say that this is far better than the Clinique Pimple Clearing concealer I tried. I reckon that it applies so well because of it’s thick, creamy texture. I know what you may be thinking: applying creams onto pimples? But that’s really the best way to conceal your pimple, since the skin is so bumpy and stretched, it really needs a product with high coverage if you want to hide it. The great thing is that this really works to treat the zits while covering them, so thumbs up to Averine for developing this product. The shade is “medium”, and I don’t think they have a dark shade at the moment (please correct me if I’m wrong), so hopefully they’ll create some for different skin tones soon.

Averine Coverspot

Power Serum Lipstick (S$36)

Few lipsticks feel like a balm but pack a punch of colour. The power serum lipsticks do just that, plus they nourish the delicate skin on the lips too. During the Mother & Baby shoot, I used the colour “sun-kissed pink” on Amy Cheng, “simply nude” on Jacqueline Chow, and “plumberry” on Jac’s mama.

My fav fav FAVE was Sun-Kissed Pink.. which unfortunately, I’ve sorta lost.. left it with a client on her wedding day for touchups and never got it back 😦 Averine, may I please get another one of these? 😀 

averine lipsticks

mother and baby jacqueline chow may 2013 makeup by joanna

Two-Way Foundation (S$78)

averine two way

For the longest time, I’ve stopped using two-way foundations. I agreed to try this out because when i did a swatch of the colour on my hand, it felt super duper smooth! The powder is ultra fine for a two-way foundation and I have to say it gives excellent coverage, as well as feels lightweight on the skin.
If you would like a sheerer coverage, I personally prefer the Mineral Loose Powder (S$55) (below) as I like my skin to look foundation-free.

averine mineral loose powder

What I wish for Averine? I hope that in time to come, they’ll bring in a wider selection of colours for their foundations and powders, as I reckon that they’ll be selling like hotcakes. The lipstick range can also be developed further for more exciting colours, since they’ve got such an amazing formula and feel to the product already.
Where to get Averine?

In Malaysia, at all Aster Spring outlets

In Singapore, also at Leonard Drake/ Aster Spring outlets

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