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Cycling Adventures In Bhutan

Hi Everyone! Wanted to share some snapshots from the last two days that I’ve been cycling in Bhutan. I’m staying in Thimphu, the capital. Most of the routes are paved roads, but we did go off-road a little today. Never done so much climbing at such high altitude! It’s 2700-2800m, and my lungs, used to sea-level breathing, are struggling to acclimatise.

Yesterday we started out with an easy ride, about 6 km from the city to Buddha Point. The world’s largest Buddha statue sits on the side of a hill overlooking the city.

Climbing up, it’s about a 8% average incline with endless switchbacks , so my guide and I had to zig-zag up.



This morning we headed to the Bhutan Broadcasting Station, also located on a hill. The weather now is pretty warm, about 25-28 degrees celsius during the day.

From the climb up, you get great views of the Tashishho Dzong, the Palace and Parliament.


The BBS station surrounded by prayer flags


Sangaygang cross country track- A sweet little singletrack (albeit a wide, slightly eroded one), created in 2007 which leads a 5km loop across this ridge to the next, ending up at a monastery and then looping back (had to cycle next to a drop on the mountain face on the way back!) to the BBS station.



This afternoon we rode to the north of Thimphu where the Bhutanese Royal Guard stay. I really love it that the Bhutanese are so pro-cycling and the motorists give way to us, even in the city during peak hour rush!


For more photos, follow me on instagram @beautynthebikes


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