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Idea For Mothers’ Day: Treat Her To Beauty Clinic’s Mediheal Mask Range

Have you forgotten? Next Sunday is Mothers’ Day! Gulp – opps.. If you haven’t been the best daughter or son you should be, you can start right now. Maybe send her a text.. Give her a hand with the dishes.. Ask her how she’s doing. Or you could be like me, giving her a ton of beauty products all the time.

Well, I got a heads up from the folks from Serenity Allure. They sent some Beauty Clinic Mediheal masks over for me and mum! Because my Mum’s birthday was on Monday, I packed hers together with other gifts, in a recycled-but-still-very-pretty Vanity Trove box (more on that soon!). I’m gonna have to nag at her to use the products because she is wayyyy lazy to do so!

Anyway, I wasn’t too lazy and so I did try out one of the masks. As my skin was pretty dry after cycling in New Zealand and surviving multiple airline delays and misconnections, it was great to have these masks waiting for me when I got home.

I tried out the Collagen Impact Essential Mask, which I chose because it was packed with Marine Collagen, Elastine and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for the skin because it’s an antioxidant – and my skin was so highly stressed with the climate change, dry air and jet lag, it really needed that to fight ageing! By neutralising the free radicals, it protects the skin from cellular damage.

beauty clinic mediheal mask

The mask itself was made of ultra thin silk cellulose, which applied comfortably against the skin and allowed me my freedom of movement while still having the mask on. I can’t lie still and have a mask on! I love to walk around and do my stuff at the same time (I’ve even tried eating and drinking while having a mask on.. not too smart eh)

Beauty Clinic recommends an intensive one month programme for treating your skin by using the masks twice a week for a month. There’s a huge range of masks to choose from and I’m trying the Placenta Revital one next. They’ve been around since 2008 and come direct from Korea where they’re really popular, selling over 50,000 pieces monthly!

One big draw would be the price of these masks. At an affordable price of $4.70 per piece from Guardian, Sasa & BHG, you can afford to spoil mum with a month’s supply of the masks without breaking the bank, and still have cash left over to get some for yourself!

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