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Hit or Miss? Wearing a DRESS to cycle?!

Alrighty, tomorrow is Labour Day, and I admit I’ve been online shopping for the last 5 hours straight (I’m looking for new wheels!).

What I just came across blew my mind. Castelli, which creates some darn amazing cycling clothing – especially their seamless shorts – has just made a cycling dress!

Seriously, look at this:


If that’s too dull for you, they also have it in coral pink to blow the socks off your fellow group mates:


I can totally imagine the guys getting excited what’s under that skirt.. only to be flashed with a pair of same ol’ bike shorts which are included in your purchase:


So why wear a skirt/ dress then if you’re wearing shorts under there? Some extra wind resistance for an a harder spin? Love the up-skirt peek-a-boo teasing? I really don’t get it.

Can someone enlighten me? And for almost US$120, I think I’ld rather go spend my money on some lingerie or dresses from Victoria’s Secret.

Would you buy this dress or do you find it ridiculous too?

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