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O – M – G.. I want this Big O (Pod)

Waking up early with a couple of hours to spare before work this morning (my body still hasn’t completely adjusted to Singapore time but it’s almost there!), I thought I would do a little online window shopping.

Initially looking for a home IPL machine , somehow I started looking at hair rollers (I’ve broken the plastic case of my trusty VS Sassoon Hair Roller set), and came across this ingenius product from Cloud Nine, the O Pod.


Looks pretty darn strange right? I imagine my clients getting confused when I start setting up in front of them.

So apparently, it heats up one roller at a time, in four seconds flat, and gives a gorgeous curl. They also claim it’s been used to set Kate Middleton’s coveted head of curls. Gimme gimme!

Will it be fast enough for a high-stress, rush job at a fashion shoot or show? Seems like they also tested it at a show and the O Pod was heating up the curlers faster than they could pop them into the hair.

Using induction technology, the O Pod heats up the O Rollers (available in 20mm/30mm/40mm/50mm sizes) from the inside, so they don’t burn your hand as you put the rollers into the hair. I guess my assistants will appreciate this when I get them to set the hair of countless models before a fashion show, but what’s the use of assisting without getting a few burns eh? HAHA! Anyway, only O Rollers can be used, which means you’ve to buy everything from the Cloud Nine company.

But.. now they’re selling it in what they call, The Ultimate Set! Image

Going at the price of £199.95.. It’ll make anyone baulk at the thought of spending so much on a hair tool – I did! It comes with the O Pod (Sold individually at £152.95), and 12 rollers (otherwise sold at 4 for £17.95), a bottle of Amplifying spray, and a chic carry case.

Do you think it’s worth it? It does seem like a good investment if you love to create curls or volume in your hair, and want to skip those pricey blow-drys at the salon.

Has anyone else tried the O Pod and have anything to say about it? Drop me a note and tell me if I should drop my money on this piece of technology!

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