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Biking at Queenstown Bike Park!


Hello from New Zealand!! Today I found some balls (more like got dragged kicking and screaming) up to the peak of the Queenstown Bike Park to try their trail. Somehow I didn’t know it was a downhill mountain biking trail!!

My poor little Scott Spark 30 XC bike was rattling down the slopes, slipping around the berms, and getting flung across the rollers.

I am a beginner to mountain biking, and never done a downhill track!

I stuck to Hammy’s Track, the easiest, grade 2 Green track. It takes about 40 minutes at my speed (brakes on!) to get from the skyline peak to the bottom.

We took the gondola, and a morning half day pass from 10am-2pm was enough.

There is a lovely cafe at the peak too, not overpriced (pot of tea for $3.50) and has amazing views over Queenstown.

The price of the gondola was $55 for a half day pass, where u can take a 10am-2pm session, or 2-6pm one. The earlier session was perfect because it gets darkish by around 5ish pm, and even earlier on the trail as it’s shaded. Cold too! It’s autumn right now.

Well, if you’re ever in Queenstown, take a trip here! Not for absolute beginners to cycling. You’ll need a good bike and there are tons of rentals around, even one on the peak.

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