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Back to Balance Massage at Spa Esprit

For an indulgent, sensory treat, the Back To Balance massage at Spa Esprit is the city girl’s answer to relaxation.

I enjoyed this 90 minute full body massage, thanks to the lovely peeps at Spa Esprit, at House, in Dempsey.

spa esprit

The coolest thing about walking into Spa Esprit, is the waft of aromatherapy oils which immediately perks me up.


The difference in this massage treatment, is that it’s not just about getting kneaded, but more about the eight different doTerra CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils which are applied in four steps, using the ATT (AromaTouch Technique) to balance your body and mind.

Tossing all these technical mumbo jumbo out, what happened that day was that I initially thought my body was fine and that I didn’t quite need a massage. However, when my masseuse placed her hands and me and firmly pressed down on my shoulders, I think I half melted onto the bed. The oil blend was Balance and Lavender, which helped me to wind down and enjoy the massage.

Step two helps to stimulate your immune system with Melaleuca (tea tree) oil and the On Guard blend. As much as I tried to keep awake to experience the massage, I fell asleep somewhere around step three, when she applied the Aroma Touch and Deep Blue blend, which is supposed to be cooling (from the peppermint in the Deep Blue blend) and reviving.

I woke up when she got me to turn onto my back for the last step, a blend of wild orange and peppermint oils that slowly roused me from my groggy state.

When the 90 minutes came to an end, I felt just about set to face the world again. She helped me wipe the excess oils from my skin as I was going cycling after (Yes! after a massage, that’s possible), and then I relaxed at the counter with a warming ginger tea, yummy cookies and mini brownies.

My skin felt smooth from the essential oils, it wasn’t too slick and it eventually got absorbed (not fully dry, but good enough for going out with). The gorgeous scent of the aroma oils hung around me for the rest of the evening, and I had a restful sleep that night.

Spa Esprit House

The massage room which overlooks the lush foliage in Dempsey


This massage is available at both Spa Esprit Paragon and Dempsey, but I would recommend Dempsey for it’s free parking and out-of-the-city vibe which is more relaxing. However, Paragon is more accessible by MRT for those who love to be in town.

Back To Balance Massage
S$235.40, 90 minutes (incl GST)

Spa Esprit Beauty Emporium, Dempsey
8D Dempsey Road #02-00
Singapore 249627
Tel: +65 6479 0070

Spa Esprit Paragon
290 Orchard Road
#05-10 Paragon
Singapore 238859
Tel: +65 6836 0500

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