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I Found My Favourite Luna Bars Online!

I am a realllly picky eater on rides. I HATE Gels, don’t quite like sugar-free electrolyte drinks, can’t stand fizzy isotonics either, but I get extremely hungry.

So what do I do? I eat bars – alot of them.

And I also hate protein bars (at this point you’ll be rolling your eyes at me..I know, I’m a tough one to crack).

BUT! Over the last year or so I’ve tried a few different bars, and I fell in love with Luna Bars. They’re a sister company of Clif, but trust me guys, just go for the Luna’s, even though they’re a “ladies bar”, they taste much better than the Clif’s, I should know cos I have a box of Clif’s I try to give away to get rid of.


My favourite bars… Lemon Zest superb taste, Toasted Nuts ‘n’ Cranberry has great texture, Chocolate Peppermint Stick was the first to impress me.. and Chocolate Raspberry tastes like a tart.

The prices of these bars are massively inflated in Singapore. A single bar here costs S$4.50 (US$3.60), and you need to buy it from a specialist store. A single bar I bought in NYC was US$1.80.

However, a penny-pinching, bar-munching cyclists like me will try to buy an entire box! I’ve found them on before, but they only ship to the US. I had to carry them home when I was coming back from the US last year, my poor luggage.

And then today, I found out that iHerb sells them! For only US$8 for international shipping, you can cram your cart with tons of stuff and then ship it all at one go.
I’m buying probiotics, aromatherapy oils, salts and other supplements. They also have a ton of other stuff from beauty products to soaps, candles, vitamins, and even something for your furry friend (your pet, dammit, not your v-jay-jay!).

So I’m going to throw a box of Β 15 Luna Bars at less than US$21 into my cart as well. My favourite flavour is Lemon Zest, followed by Toasted Nuts ‘n’ Cranberry and Chocolate Peppermint Stick.


For first time customers, you can also get a $10 discount (for orders above $40), or $5 discount (for orders below $40), if you go to andΒ enter the coupon code DUY277 at your checkout.

Have fun shopping!

Do you have a favourite bar or ride nutrition? Leave me a comment πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “I Found My Favourite Luna Bars Online!

    • Hi Hanna, the coupon code is DUY277
      You type it into your shopping cart – there will be a place to type coupon code once you are checking out πŸ™‚

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