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Olay launches the New Generation Olay Regenerist range

Have you felt that after using anti-aging skincare products for awhile, you stop seeing improvement or results? Olay has classified that as the “Skin Fatigue Theory”, where aged skin is less responsive than younger skin to anti-aging treatments, because the skin cell energy decreases.

The New Generation Olay Regenerist range has been reformulated to give additional boosts with “Skin Energising Technology”.


With an additional 3 anti-aging ingredients, while doubling the level of their existing anti-aging ingredients, and formula optimisation to help the ingredients penetrate into the skin, the New Generation Olay Regenerist range promises faster results by firming (in 4 days), and by a visible reduction in wrinkle appearance (in 7 days).

My review:
The cream was on the heavier side for a moisturiser, so I thought it may be oily, but it leaves a soft velvety feeling instead. It delivers on it’s promise of hydration, my skin felt instantly hydrated and also protected after, like a bit of a barrier between the skin and any drying harsh elements.

Olay promises to be better than luxury creams in terms of the time taken to regenerate skin and hydrate it. Although I haven’t researched it long enough to attest to that, I can say that if I did a blind test, I would not be able to tell this cream apart from luxury creams, because it feels very rich on the skin.

I would recommend this cream for ladies who have normal to dry skin, and who would like to start trying out anti-aging products.

Here’s a video by Olay, featuring blogger Moonberry, on how to get energized skin using the New Generation Olay Regenerist range

Available from mid-February 2013 in most pharmacies and departmental stores. The recommended retail price is:

The New Generation Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream  and the New Generation Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum, both at SGD 49.90 each.

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