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Meet My Ride (He Goes Off Road!)

So.. You’ve all met Amelia, my roadie. (keep sniggering, I know it’s weird I name my bikes!)
Time to meet the boy.. Say hello to Wellington, my XC mountain bike


He’s a Scott Spark 30 full suspension bike, which I bought from KH Cycle in Singapore. So far, we’ve just been getting to know each other.

I don’t quite feel as comfortable on the trails as I do on the tarmac, but I love the solitude of the forest, and the immense challenge of never quite knowing what terrain lies ahead.

Hopefully Wellington and I will be rolling down many paths together for a long time 🙂

P.S. RIP Tampines Brothers who passed away earlier this week. May your family find comfort in this difficult time.

Stay alert and stay safe folks, whatever mode of transport you may be using.

Till next time.

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