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Review: Paying The Price for Speedplays

My shoes are a really great pair of Sidi’s, but they take forever to dry (I have a feeling it’s windproof- great for autumn but I live in Singapore!).
So I was looking online for a shoe with tons of mesh, and the DMT Ladies Vision 2.0 2012 Road Shoes were on a nice 25% off, no fancy carbon soles or anything but they seem comfy and easy-going enough to take frequent training usage.


Do these look cute or what!


Adding them to cart is easy enough, but then I remembered I should get some cleats for them.

I’ve been using Speedplay since I started on cleats, beginning with the Light Action Pedals, and now the Zero. I like the float, and the adjustability of the float. BUT.. the cleats cost a mind-blowing US$50!

COME ON.. The Look Keo cleats are only US$21, Shimano SPD Roads are at US$28, and even the Time cleats go up to only US$26.

Yes, the spring tension is within the cleat of the Speedplays, and I agree that sure, they can charge abit more for the material used. But when the starter set of the Zeros are at $200 for a set of pedals and cleats, replacements of cleats at US$50 are such a… rip off.

speedplay zero

They look nice now.. wait till you start scratching the metal base


The redeeming factors that have me still loyal to Speedplays are of the easy dual-sided entry of the pedals – super fast and no fumbling, a key factor especially when taking off at the lights.

The other pro/con will be the clunkiness of the cleat under the shoe while walking. Yes, it IS heavy – as I  mentioned, the spring is within the cleat. I look and sound like I’m walking on heels .. cute? I wish! The upside is that because of all the metal bits, they turn out to be very long-lasting, with no risk of any plastic bits within the cleat wearing out or breaking during a ride.

First-time users will also find that engaging the cleat to pedal is really tough to begin with, but you just have to persist and within a week or so it should loosen up. My trick? I leave the shoes hanging onto the pedals once I’ve gotten the cleat in, just to sort of ease out the spring a little bit. You’ll find a “sweet spot” of entry, and then soon you’ll be pretty sure that you’re in..and you can interpret that in any way you like 😉

How’s a girl to decide? Here’s comparing what I love vs what I hate about the Speedplay Zeros

Love: Lightweight Pedals (103g), easy dual-sided entry, zero to fifteen degrees of adjustable float, long-wearing cleats

Hate: Heavyweight Cleat, crazy price

Neutral but worth a mention: “break-in” period, clanking thickness of cleat, small area of pedals possibly causes foot numbness


Guess I’ll be getting a new pair of shoes and cleats after all…. till then, ride safe!


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