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For Beloved One Moisture Surge Extreme Hydration Moisturiser

We love the sun. We love the snow. The sea, deserts, cities, jungles, mountains. As travellers, we put ourselves and our skin through a weather shock each time we get to a new destination.

If I only had to bring ONE skincare product on a trip, it would be a moisturiser, although sunblock would be a close second.

Here’s the moisturiser I took on my vacation to the USA.

For Beloved One is a skincare brand from Taiwan which is available in Sephora Singapore (and hopefully soon in more Sephora stores around the world)

I was impressed by their Moisture Surge Extreme Hydration moisturiser (S$90 / 30mls) , which has a gel-cream texture and light fragrance.

I can’t emphasise this enough, the best way to prevent wrinkles and fine lines is to keep your skin hydrated. This moisturiser is packed with Minerals (to stimulate cell repair and eliminate free radicals), German Chamomile (to soothe any sunburn I may get), and Allantoin (which reduces skin irritation.. I’m dreading the dry weather!).

It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a smooth, velvety feel after, and works both as a day and night moisturiser because it isn’t oily, and you can apply your makeup over it.

This post was first published on , a website by my friends & I about all things travel. 

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