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Review: L’Oreal Youth Code Eye Essence

Launched this month in Singapore, the L’Oréal Youth Code Eye Essence promises younger-looking eyes with the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags, sagging, puffy lids and dark spots.

I tried it out for a month and here’s my verdict.

It has the texture of a serum and not a cream or gel, so it is absorbed very fast. The folks at L’Oréal said that we don’t need to use an eye cream over this, and although I was initially skeptical, so far it’s sufficient as an eye treatment.
Since it’s absorbed so fast, it leaves no oily residue and makeup application over it is great, no oily lids, no streaking of my concealer.

Treatment-wise, my eyes look fresher after use, less puffy, and noticeably less dark.

Two main technologies developed by L’Oréal Paris help with achieving these results. PRO-GEN™ helps to boost skin’s recovery powers and strengthens it’s barrier function. DRAINBOOST™ uses two active ingredients, Haloxyl(which directly reduces dark eye circles and reduces puffiness) and Caffeine (which counters water retention and eye bags).

However, those with very dry skin may like to use another eye cream over this essence if this is not sufficiently moisturizing in dry weather.

Overall, it’s a good product, and at S$34.90, in a dropper bottle, a great buy.
For the months of November – December 2012, it will be only S$29.90 in stores as an introductory price. You can pick yours up at Watsons stores across Singapore.

And just a little something I read today, “Age has nothing to do with the lines that appear on the corners of your eyes.. it’s a combination of hereditary and careless abuse of the area”. WORD!

Now, you’ll start taking good care your precious peepers, won’t you?  🙂

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