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Boss Bottled Sport : The Ultimate Fragrance For A Sporty Man Who Keeps His Boyish Charms

Let’s face it guys, not many girls appreciate you dousing yourself in overpoweringly musky, heavy fragrances. Especially if you’re under 50.
We like sporty guys, smart men who don’t try too hard and yet are confident of their masculinity. Boss Bottled Sport (and it’s charming ambassador, F1 driver Jenson Button) embodies these qualities. And men, listen up and take some notes (top, middle or otherwise) from the qualities of this fragrance , this is how you get the girl.

#1. Excite her.
In this fragrance, the exciting top notes of zesty yuzu, pink peppercorn and grapefruit give a refreshing kick start to the fragrance.
When you meet her, don’t be a boring wallflower. Be funny and fresh!

#2. Entice her.
The middle notes of the fragrance contain lavender and cardamon, which are quite commonly found in fragrances. However, a subtle metallic note from aldehyde give this fragrance a quality what Boss is calling “high-tech metallic”. Very unique.
So although you may think that you don’t stand out from the common man, entice her with something different, like this unique scent does, and stand out from the crowd.

#3. Be a man.
The warm woody base, thanks to vetyver, tonka bean and patchouli give this fragrance a staying power, and grounds the masculinity of this fragrance.
In whatever you do, at the end of the day, she wants you to be her man. Simple things like opening the door for her, making sure she gets home safe, and good manners will win you a place in her heart.

What next? Splash on some Boss Bottled Sport and take her out to catch Jenson Button speed down the track in the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix next month.

Ladies, want to win a bottle of Boss Bottled Sport for your man? Simply submit a picture of the both of you, and get your friends to vote! The most stylish couple wins! Join HERE

Contest brought to you by Styleshoppes, prizes by Boss Bottled Sport. This article was first published on Styleshoppes

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