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Born This Curly Way: Making The Most With Texture

Growing up, I used to hate my curly hair. Well, who wouldn’t? As a kid not knowing any better, I would brush it till it got big, frizzy, uncontrollable. The only time I liked it was right after my shower, dripping wet, sleek and straight.

For 10 years in my life, from when I was 15 till 25, I tried everything, from relaxers, rebonding, flat irons, and even the Brazillian keratin straightener (did not even last more than a week!). Finally, tired of endless visits to the salon, curly root regrowth, damage from the heat and chems, I let my curls grow out.

Today, I have a curly bob and I’m totally loving it!

Most people think I’ve used a curling tong, or permed my hair, but all I did was embrace my curls. Here are my shortcuts to getting frizz-free curls in this crazy weather (where humidity goes up to 90% on a normal day! )

1. I use shampoo and condition for curly hair 

The Luscious Curls range by Fekkai  with grapeseed extract and moroccan oil, helps define curls and control frizz. Available at Sephora in Singapore 

2. Once a week, I use a deep conditioning treatment

My hair has been coloured, dunked in chlorine when I swim, and suffers UV damage whenever I’m out playing (sorry, I mean working on a shoot ;P) in the sun. Although it contributes to the whole “surfer vibe”, the ends of my hair do really take a beating. So once a week, especially after swimming, I use L’Oreal Absolut Repair Cellular hair masque to restore moisture and it does help to soften and smoothen my hair.

p.s. I think surfer Rob Machado could use a little of this, but whatever it is, DAMN, I love his hair!!! And I love surfers 🙂

3. A curling cream really helps to enhance and define curls

Where was I before using Moroccanoil? Pretty much living in frizz.. Seriously though, only this curl cream does it for me so far. Although I like to use Redken Ringlet 07  for work as it is perfect with a curling tong, for my own hair, Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream  both conditions and defines curls. Sometimes I mix in a drop of Moroccanoil Treatment for more shine. And you know what? It smells perfect too, no yucky ol’ hair gunk situation here. 
4. Some wax and styling products won’t hurt

In fact, they’ll help hold your hairstyle, add volume and polish. I use Hoyu 3210 Neutral Wax, which I bought at the salon (more details next!). It has a natural, matte finish. 
I rub it between my palms and fingers, then finger curl sections of my hair, which helps enhance the curls, making them more spiral, bouncy, and prevents them from frizzing and messing up throughout the day. 
Sometimes if I want lots and lots of volume, I scrunch it all in, pushing my hair from the bottom up. 
5. A good haircut is essential 

Without my hairstylist, Ivan from Insquare Salon, my hair would probably still be an unmanageable mess. I first met him at a photoshoot back in….2007? But it was only in 2010 when I went to him, with my hair half grown out from a rebonding, that I saw the possibility of having curly hair again.  
With decades of experience, Ivan is still amazingly humble, friendly and gives excellent suggestions. Unlike hairstylists who insist on chopping off inches of hair, Ivan respects his client’s styles and wishes, which is what I really, really love about him. If you would like a creative cut, leave it in his stable, precise hands, and you’ll always walk out of his salon always feeling beautiful, with a cut that always grows out well. 
Andrew & Kenny, the awesome designers of Depression, also trust Ivan with their hair! 
In Square Salon also stocks Hoyu, so give them a call if you’ll like a makeover for your hair, then follow my easy, easy, easy steps and start loving your curls 🙂 
In Square Salon 
24 Sin Ming Road 
Singapore 570024
Tel: 6554 0916 / 6554 0917

4 thoughts on “Born This Curly Way: Making The Most With Texture

  1. Hello Joanna,After straightening my hair over 10 times (rec by hair stylists!!) I think I've had enough since my hair will revert back to its curly state and is now more damaged than ever. I'm growing out the damaged hair and I'm trying to embrace my curls. Besides Square Salon, do you know any female pro hair stylists that knows how to cut curly hair really well? Thanks! xx

  2. Hi! Lovely to have met you at the Hugo Boss event 🙂 And I love your hair – mine cannot make up its mind if it wants to be wavy or straight which is so annoying for me 😛 Kas

  3. Hi Kas, sorry for this late reply, I didn't check on my comments page 🙂 Was great meeting you too.. well, you have great hair so I'm sure you're fantastic at styling it 😀

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