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Korean Women Seriously Have The Nicest Brows

Over the weekend I happened to watch the Korean Drama “Smile, Donghae”, and other than the complex dramatic plot, my eyes were transfixed on Park Jung Ah’s gorgeous eyebrows.

For myself, growing up with close to no brows, aka the “Alien look”, I’ve resigned to the fact that I will never have lush, full brows that many of my other asian friends have.

I’ve tried tons of brow pencils, brow gels, brow powders, and yes, they have worked for me. (This isn’t a sob story.)

Recently my friend Sally asked on my facebook page if I had any new updates on my favourite makeup things. So I was trying to describe this eyebrow pencil from Japan that I’ve been using, and I finally found out what brand it was.

It’s called B & C Browlash EX Waterstrong W Eyebrow .. what a mouthful. So to make it easier for you to find, here’s the pic of it in the package (I was at meidi-ya yesterday, they sell it there and also at watsons, and Sasa)

It retails at SG$19.90, and comes in two colours, Natural Brown (left) and Grey Brown (right).
I have both! The natural brown is alot lighter and great for those who have brownish hair. The grey brown is darker and suited for those with black hair, when a light brow might look funny.

The pen has two sides to it, one’s a crayon twist-up pencil, which requires no sharpening. It’s soft and water-resistant (they claim waterproof, and it lasts through sports but not if you rub it it when wiping your face.. yes! i’ve tried it during my workout). The other end looks like a liquid liner, it’s a sheer ink that that gives you the defined “tail” of the brow.

If you live outside asia, Sasa is selling it online and with free worldwise shipping! Unfortunetly it is currently out of stock .. oops!

Till then, keep watching those korean babes and even though they may have a ton of plastic, their brows look truly real!!

Song Hye- Kyo.. what I would do to have your hair & brows…..

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