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Merry Christmas Folks!!!

Oh, it’s the time of the year again!!

I usually get the blues during the holiday season for some reason, but this year I’m trying to reflect on all the fantastic stuff that has happened (YES OMG it’s been a whole year already? feels like yesterday), and I am so grateful for all the wonderful things I have received.

Friendships, great crews that I work with, lovely clients, a super family, a roof over my head and chocolate cake in my tummy.

And of course lots of fab blessings from the different cosmetic,skincare & haircare brands in Singapore, including MAC Cosmetics, Lancome, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, American Crew, & Sephora Singapore.
Thank you all, so very very much for supporting me.

And in the Christmas spirit, I’m doing my first giveaway on my facebook page, where I’ll send one lucky lady a beautiful Sephora Green Eyes Palatte.
It doesn’t matter what colour eyes you have, I believe makeup is universal and colours only express what you want them to! Don’t be tied down by “rules” 😉

All you have to do to win this, is to post a comment on the giveaway thread on my page, and share how great your year has been.
Contest ends 26 Dec 2011.


Love, Jo

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