Bridal Beauty

Her World Brides Editorial (issue Mar- May 2011)

I’m so glad to have worked on this new, gorgeous issue of Her World Brides with stylist Janice Seah & photographer Toon Liang.

Here are some of the tear sheets from the bridal fashion spread we shot in The Club Hotel @ Ann Siang Hill

Photography: Toon Liang/ Lightspade
Styling: Janice Seah
Hair & Makeup: Joanna Koh using Redken & RMK

Scroll to the end for my tips on recreating this look 🙂

The Hair & Makeup

We were going for a more glamourous / hollywood kind of feel, but without too elaborate makeup or stiff hair.

Here are some crops.. the resolution isn’t too good from the scanning but hopefully you’ll be able to make it out!

The makeup:
I used muted, brown and nude tones for the eyeshadow, but still played the eyes up with a soft kohl and lots of mascara and lashes.
For her cheeks I contoured them with a matte bronzer, and lips in a complimenting satin nude shade.

The hair:
The model actually had long hair, but I was requested to give her a more glamourous bob. So I had curled her hair into tight ringlets, then gently brushed them out with my fingers to create volume. After that I pinned them into shape close to the nape of her neck. For her fringe I had lightly twisted it back to give it definition and then pinned with the rest of her hair.

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