Bridal Beauty

Behind the scenes: MAXX Brides (Indonesia) Photoshoot

Hello!! I know I’ve been terribly naughty, being missing for over 2 months ! 😦

It’s been a CRAAAAZY time, going from 2010 to 2011.
I had a fantastic ultra-extended festive season, partying more than I thought I’m currently capable of πŸ˜›
I’ve met some really cool new friends from all over the world, and tomorrow I’m going to Taiwan for a week with two of my girlfriends from Boston! ❀
I’m heading to Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, it seems to be really beautiful for wedding photoshoots ! I promise to take lots of location pics and upload them here.. πŸ˜€

Anyway, yesterday I worked with a really great team from MAXX Brides from Jakarta. Their inaugural issue will be out this May, and the gowns from the Indonesian designers are simply exquisite!! I’ve worked with Indo designers before and I love the complexity of the detailing on their garments and their extreme dedication to their craft.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the photoshoot that was done at InterContinental Singapore . The interior of the hotel was simply gorgeous.. It seems to be set in an era far forgotten, with alot of Chinese and Peranakan influences in its decor

Makeup & Hair: Joanna Koh
Model: Erica Denise Lee

Completely insane shoes complete the look!!!

See you guys in a week πŸ˜€

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