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My Eyeshadow Lasted Through The Rain! … psst, here’s the secret

Ok, let’s all admit it. Singapore is SCORCHING hot, and brides here SWEAT like nobody’s business. Also, it tends to POUR almost every other day (and at the present moment, it’s the monsoon season, so, every day).

Add that to touching speeches and teary moms, most brides tend to shed a tear on their wedding day – Recipe for eye makeup disaster!

So, a few days ago, I put on some pretty makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara) as I had a meeting. I confess I do not usually put on makeup otherwise – shock shock horror horror! But that’s for a simple reason, read on.
I workout at the track 3 times a week. This time, when I got to the track, the coach said “You gotta hustle, it’s gonna rain”. So I zipped into the bathroom to get changed and forgot to wash my makeup off! And then the rain came. And we kept going. I trained in the rain for more than an hour, and then in the shelter for another half an hour.
And I was thinking, I look like CRAP! My mascara must be streaking down my face.
Understand me here, my entire class is made of boys.. and I didn’t want to look like a wreck.

I only took a good look at myself when I got home and just before I showered. And I thought ” OMG! That is like the most perfect end-of-day makeup EVER!!”
My eyes were still slightly smoky, my eyeliner was in place, and my mascara didn’t run, it just flaked a little. And this was about 11 hours after I had applied it, gone into the rain and worked up a sweat!

OK, so I must must must share my secret. And then I am sure your makeup on your big day is going to be tear/sweat/rain resistant.. if not waterproof!

The Big Secret is……. Eyeshadow PRIMER !

It’s not that big of a secret actually, because I use a primer on almost all my clients before applying eyeshadow. hahaha.

The main great benefits about using a primer are that it holds your eyeshadow to your lids for a longer duration without creasing, or dissolving into oily lids (so common in our climate right?). Also, the big effect you can see immediately is that eyeshadow looks really VIBRANT when applied on top of a primer. The colours pop and you wouldn’t need to use as much colour to get the effect. Eyeshadow also blends much better when applied over a primer.

Easy test if you don’t believe me? Go to a store, swab a little primer on your skin (back of the palm’s good, really flat surface), smoothen it in. Afterwards, get any eyeshadow colour, or use one that you feel you have a hard time getting the colour to show up. Now apply the eyeshadow over the primer, and another time, over your bare skin.
Trust me, you’ll see a world of difference.

The primer I used on myself was one from Red Earth. Esprit in Singapore used to carry it years ago, and then Sasa had it. Right now, I have no idea where they are. But I’m sure you can find Red Earth all around Australia.

Here are a few more options that I really do like:

Make Up Store Eyeprimer Tinted

This tinted formula (also comes in clear) goes on liquid smooth and is great for hydration and filling fine lines too. The eyeshadow, especially glittery ones, adhere firmly to your lids when applied on top of this primer.
Love it. It’s a staple in my makeup bag.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This one, I’ve just tried using recently and really am liking it. No creases, all holding power. Goes on nude and then dries to invisible.
They also have it in a matte finish and champagne shimmer, very cool, but you should use complimenting eyeshadows with it. No point using a matte finish primer with a shimmery eyeshadow or vice versa.
The personal sized one is great ‘cos it has the applicator wand, but I’m gonna get myself the SUPERSIZED Professional Sized one without the applicator, although I have no idea how I’m going to finish using all 25mls of it πŸ˜›

While we are on the topic of eyeshadow primers, don’t forget the rest of your face! A little smoothing primer before your foundation goes a loooong way in keeping your makeup fresh all day.

I love Shu Uemura‘s UV Under Base SPF 30

It’s a mousse and goes on great under foundation to even out skin tone and texture. I use this on brides on their big day and on models before a photoshoot..

Also really worth trying is RMK‘s Makeup Base Mat

I find it really funny that they don’t spell it correctly as MATTE, but shorten it to MAT. Maybe it’s a Japanese thing?
Anyway, on days when I want to go really light on my makeup, I use this and finish off with powder, skipping the foundation step. As it’s slightly tinted, that works well for me, almost like a tinted moisturiser, but mattifying.

So there you go.. one BIG tip which will help your makeup go a long way especially on your wedding day!


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