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Destination: Bali (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed my last post on wedding & honeymoon destinations in Bali, and as promised, here’s part 2.

Ubud is a town close to the center of Bali, set nowhere near the beach, but is just as beautiful. You’ll find rice paddy fields, art galleries, artists and craftsmen, temples and the Ubud Palace. Wander into the Ubud market and get caught up for hours wandering through 3 levels of clothes, art, home accessories, trinklets and spices.
And if you’ve heard of the famous Bali Babi Guling (Roast Pork), the best stall is right here in Ubud, on the left of the Ubud Palace.

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re looking for a perfect place for your wedding or honeymoon in Ubud. Here are my top picks:

Alila Ubud
Location: Ubud
Great for: Weddings, Honeymoon

Alila Hotels, a luxury chain of resorts, are found in Indonesia, Maldives, India, Thailand and Laos.
Their resort in Ubud is simply breathtaking.
The award winning pool (Travel+Living’s 50 most spectacular pools in the world) is set above a lush green valley and the Ayung River.

Take a shower in your outdoor bathroom, enjoy your breakfast and afternoon tea by the pool side, and visit the spa for one of the most luxurious treatments you’ll ever have.
If you’re looking to set the mood for the evening, the ipod docks available in every room will do the trick for some romantic melodies.

They’ll plan your wedding for you, and with a total of 56 rooms, there’s enough space for your close friends and family to stay.

If you’re coming here for your honeymoon, they have special couple’s packages for you to choose from, whether you want a villa or a deluxe room.

It’s gonna be one sweet stay.


Moziac Bali
Location: Ubud
Great for: Dinner, Drinks

Coming from Singapore where the International food scene can really spoil us for choice, I tend to think of the restaurants in Bali as scruffier but cheaper.
Moziac however, was a complete surprise.
What’s not a surprise now, is to know that they have been honoured as the Top 6 Restaurants in Asia by the 2010 Miele Guide

Once you enter Moziac, you’re ushered to a comfortable lounge where you can have pre-dinner drinks or tapas while they get your table ready. A great selection of fine wines and champagnes will keep you occupied, if you’re not already enchanted by the singer and pianist there.

The setting for dinner is in an alfresco area facing the huge garden (hard to tell when you drive past! then again, lots of things in Bali are hidden behind small road-facing buildings.) If you lose track of what you’ve been eating, just like I did, they have thoughtfully placed a beautifully printed and rolled up menu on the table.

For dinner, you choose from four different tasting menus. That must have been the one and only time I had foie gras in Bali. And damn, it was good. Very good.
Vegetarians, if you’ve been put off by what I just said, the chef also offers a vegetarian menu.

Reservations are necessary. If you are staying in Sanur, or Kuta, it’s about an hour’s drive away.

Opening hours: 1745 till closed.
Contact: , +62 361 975768

Bali Botanica Day Spa
Location: Ubud
Great for: Affordable Ayurvedic Treatments & Spa Packages

Before I start, I need to tell you 2 things
1. Their website doesn’t look very good
2. I have a knack for knowing what places are fantastic despite horrible websites and photographs.

Now, Bali Botanica is located a little far out from Ubud town, and that’s why they offer a free pickup from your hotel. Being further out from town is a good thing, once we alighted, we had to walk about 50-100 m down a small winding path before we got to the reception.
No noise from the road, no people walking past and peeping in, just a quiet retreat in a forest.

At the reception, they have you fill in a detailed form about any allergies, injuries, preferred pressure and areas to concentrate on, as well as your choice of oils (which were described in great detail!).
Your therapist leads you to your treatment room, mine was facing the west, I had gorgeous soft sun rays streaming into my room when I entered!
Each room is fitted with your own tub and shower, so you don’t have to run across the hallways to rinse off before and after your treatments.

snapshot of the treatment room when I got there

I had booked in for a 75min signature herbal massage (RP 150,000/ USD 17/ SGD 22) and a 45 min Ayurvedic Shirodara (RP 360,000 / USD 40 / SGD 53) , which is the Indian ayurvedic treatment where they drip warm oil onto your third eye area.

If you are thinking of having a body massage and Ayurvedic massage, just go straight for the Ayurvedic Chakra Dhara treatment ( RP 495,000 / USD 55 / SGD 72) which you will be put into bliss for 150mins.
In this treatment, warm oil is dripped onto your Chakra(energy) points and then massaged in, helping to detox your body and improve circulation.

I completely loved my Signature herbal massage, it eased out so much tension that was being constantly carried about.
My only regrets – not having enough time in Ubud to make another appointment back at the spa.

Appointments recommended. Opened till 8pm
Contact: , +62 361 976739

Next up : I’ll bring you back to the south! Probably to Canggu & Seminyak.. And Kuta if I have enough energy for it! It’s always stressful and such a rush there!

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