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Manicure at Shine Studio @ Far East Plaza

Today I tried out the manicure at Shine Studio (under Citispa at Far East Plaza.

I chose a shade of cobalt blue, OPI’s Blue My Mind ..this shade is amazing!

My nails are cut super short, so there was not much filing for her to do.
Rather disappointed at the way many manicurists here file nails. A zig-zag sawing motion will end up splitting your nails. Never file your nails that way. Instead, file your nails in a single direction, best to file them always towards the center of your nails.
Cuticle pushing & trimming were fine, she did briefly sanitise the metal instruments before beginning.
The arm massage was so-so, ho-hum..

What I was nicely impressed by was her speed and even-ness of her painting. At $18 for a manicure in town, done in 45mins, no one can really complain!
Mani & Pedi go for $38

Shine Studio
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza. #02-94
Tel: 6738 0700
Open from 11:30am

Next up.. I’m going to try Bliss Spa’s Mani & Pedi! Once my nails grow out abit.. give me a couple of weeks πŸ™‚

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