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Nail Quest!

I have a new personal quest!
I’m going to try out as many manicure/pedicure places, so I can review and present them to you ladies 😀

Although I had never been crazy over manicures and nail art, since I’m learning to do manicures now, I had better go see and experience what’s out there. I’ve been a little phobic of nail salons because of the bad experiences I’ve had before.

One nail technician sliced all the hard skin off the soles of my feet, making walking extremely painful for a few days (by the way, some calluses develop also to protect the feet from friction, and for me, because I used to walk and exercise alot, I needed that extra cushioning).
Another one pushed a metal stick, the sort for cleaning under the nail, too deep and following that I developed a patch of fungus that took weeks to clear out, with the help of Dr. G’s Clear Nail.
Others have nipped at my cuticles a little too enthusiastically which freaks me out!

Not all are bad.. I have had some occassional nice experiences.

Serenity Cove
at Holland Village won me over with their warm and personalised service, and their little extras – chocolate and cookies with your tea while having your feet scrubbed? Bliss!

So if you know of any nail salons/spas that you’ll like to recommend me, drop me a note or comment and I’ll be calling them up for my next appointment!

And if you’re a nail spa and would like me to check your place out, feel free to email me 🙂

Makeup & Nails by Joanna Koh, for Revolution Magazine/ The Hour Glass

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